what is a reservation in recovery from addiction

Life is something that many of us take for granted, especially as time goes by so fast. The days can drag on but the weeks fly by in the blink of an eye. Then time is brought into the mix. Time is this tricky thing that takes hold while it catches us off guard and before we know it- a substantial amount of our lives has passed by. As time flies by, so do our struggles (especially when talking about addiction). 

We turn around and take a look back scratching our head at where it all went. This is especially true for addicts and alcoholics. Looking back, an addict or alcoholic may see much of their time was wasted under the influence. Before they know it, so much time has passed by. At a certain point, addicts must realize they need help. This is where recovery and comprehensive treatment comes into the mix.  

Now we are able to remember what we had for breakfast, the day before. and whether mom’s birthday is next week or not. We begin to develop patterns in our lives and we gain back our sense of time. However, there are certain feelings or ideas that may be holding us back. This is what reservations are, experiences, or thoughts that we’ve kept hidden. 

Accepting Situations as they Are

Generally speaking, many addicts and alcoholics have a problem with acceptance at the end of the day. We want what we want and when we want it. We want to know what’s going on and to have our crystal ball tell us all the answers to our problems in life. A lot of these problems are irrational issues that we create in our heads. 

Coming to reality and accepting life on life’s terms is a difficult habit to get into. Acceptance is directly connected to our emotional sobriety and well-being. Emotions are the driving force in many of our lives and it’s important to be aware of them. Once we can live with the reality of a situation and not feel the need to fight it, that’s when we can begin to truly understand our lives.

Acceptance is a huge part of recovery and is ultimately needed for long-term sobriety. This is a major step in anyone’s life. Reservations are certain aspects of our lives that we keep completely hidden. Reservations need to be accepted and changed to avoid future problems.

What are Reservations?

Reservations refer to something that someone is holding back. They are insecurities and can be seen in many aspects of our lives. It can be something big like your future or something small like simple being unsure about buying something from a store. These can be uncomfortable situations but at the end of the day, they are completely normal.

These thoughts can hold us back and cause issues down the line. It’s important to be aware of these and work towards lowering them. Reservations have the potential to hold back recovery. While they are completely normal to think about these thoughts, it can be problematic if they are left untested. 

negative thinking will never make your life positive

Reservations in Sobriety: How They Affect Recovering Individuals

Accepting our lives the way they are and knowing when we can or cannot change is crucial to growth. This is a big key component of recovery. However, this ties back to the idea of living in the now- right here in the present. Many people live in the past or the future and not just those in recovery. 

When we begin to look too far ahead and live too far ahead of ourselves, this is when reservations in sobriety start to become imminent. Realistically, it makes sense to always have some sort of a game plan laid out. We don’t want to live too spontaneously but at the same time, life usually doesn’t follow the plan we had in mind from the beginning. 

These thoughts can start to affect the future of an addict. During recovery, a person may be thinking of ways to turn back to drugs if recovery doesn’t work. These doubts and dangerous thoughts can lead to relapses after treatment (or even during treatment). These reservations can come in many forms for an addict. If they don’t understand how it affects them and the people around them, recovery can never truly happen. 

Reservations in Recovery

Much of the time when addicts and alcoholics get clean, they are uncertain about it for some minor period. This isn’t the case for all, of course. Having this feeling is normal and completely manageable. Many are taking the necessary steps to get the treatment they need. 

Getting into an altered state of mind is something many people do. Conflicting thoughts and doubts can be very dangerous when it comes to addicts. Some recovering addicts tend to hold onto these ideas of how different things are going to be. “Maybe people won’t like me when I’m sober”. Or even, “how am I going to have fun or enjoy life when there aren’t any drugs or alcohol”?

Eventually, these little seedlings of ideas begin to sprout into the basic reservations in sobriety which turn into ideas like getting a year clean and then maybe using once that goal is succeeded. These are the little ideas that are planted in a person’s head during recovery, which can easily cause a relapse. 

Reservations in Sobriety and Possible Relapse

Reservations during recovery can be very problematic. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are some benefits to reservations as well. If used to change your behavior, then reservations can hold some benefit. With this in mind, reservations can easily lead to relapse if unaddressed. 

These ideas we plant in our heads can cause you to relapse and start back on that miserable path of active addiction. Remember, it’s important to stay out of that “what if” mind zone. That state of mind plays a large role in justifying negative ideas and other actions we know better than to do.

To put it simply, having a handful of reservations will heavily hinder your spiritual and emotional growth. If somebody has a list of these reservations, it will, unfortunately, keep the individual in a closed-minded state. That closed-minded state is the way we run our lives while using. To limit our built-up reservations means to be willing and to accept life as life see’s it. Keeping this frame of mind is how we clear a path for success in sobriety.

Dealing with Reservations in Sobriety

One of the best ways to deal with a reservation is admitting you have one. It’s a completely normal situation but it’s necessary to accept them and be aware of them. Once you’ve admitted that you have a reservation, it’s important to talk to your therapist or counselor about it. They are there to help you and shouldn’t have to deal with these thoughts alone. 

During the process, it’s crucial to understand why you are having these thoughts and why you can’t seem to let them go. Try to pinpoint the root of the problem and go from there. Acknowledging that you are anxious or nervous about something can change your behavior entirely. Sometimes changing your behaviors is necessary to let go of these reservations. 

It’s important to know that recovery can be a roller coaster. There will be bumps along the way but don’t let these discourage you. Certain reservations may pop up again down the line, other new ones may arise and take their place. This is completely normal and keeps focusing on the main goal is important to long-term sobriety. 

Get the Help You Deserve

There are many thoughts and anxious feelings that flow through us during recovery. This is completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of. For recovering addicts, it’s important to not let these reservations fester and grow. Taking control and acknowledging that you have reservations is the first step. Reservations in recovery should not hold you back from long-term sobriety. 

Let Coastal Detox help you towards a better life in the long-run. Always know that you are not alone in your struggles with addiction and it’s never too late to get help. Addiction and alcoholism are ugly diseases that will stop at nothing to ruin anybody’s life if they can.

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