Drug, Alcohol and Treatment Resources in Palm Bay, Florida

In recent years, drug and alcohol and treatment resource centers in Palm Bay, Florida, work endlessly to create cutting edge, effective, and reliable addiction treatment resources. 

Drug, alcohol, and treatment resources we provide are considered essential in providing those suffering with drug and alcohol addiction, an intimate outlet to gather the tools needed to guide you toward the path of recovery within the Palm Bay Area. Serving knowledge, Palm Bay, Florida’s drug and alcohol treatment resources, warrant the availability of drug and alcohol treatment life skills, as well as any emotional assistance on your journey to recovery. Palm Bay’s treatment resource centers are of growing importance to all of us.

Palm Bay’s Changing Population 

According to recent population studies, within a years time, there are anywhere between 79,000 and 114,200 residents in the town of Palm Bay, Florida. Like many of the near coastal cities in Florida, Palm Bay is impacted by seasonal migrants intending to avoid the harsh winter conditions of the northern United States. With the favorable climate conditions drawing people towards the region, Palm Bay, FL. considers it a priority to make available any resources providing the community with exceptional drug and alcohol treatment, as well as, mental health care resources. 

Palm Bay’s changing population impacts the well-being of the community when more people require drug and alcohol treatment resource centers to be tailored to your individual needs for rehabilitation.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Palm Bay

With daily advancements, there are upwards of 28 drug and alcohol treatment resources throughout Palm Bay, Fl. We are prepared and available with the necessary set of skills. The services we offer to you are structured for anyone that finds themselves looking for help with addiction. Most importantly, our drug and alcohol treatment resource centers are set up to aid you with any questions or concerns, whether it be for yourself or for a loved one. Additionally, our treatment resource centers are working daily to incorporate new, targeted classes and health care to keep up with the growing demand. 

Palm Bay, FL. Drug Abuse Statistics

With every day that passes the variety of substance abuse is maturing in Palm Bay. This is leading to dependency, overdose, suicide and even accidental death, with those instance on the rise. Drug and alcohol treatment resource center would like to mention that the most commonly abused drugs from the list below is not exclusive. However, our treatment staff works tirelessly to provide you with the drug and alcohol resources at our center, the tools to adjust treatment toward each patient’s needs, within the Palm Bay Area. Among the substance abuse community, resource data shows the growing availability of the following are leading to higher rates of dangerous usage: 

  • Heroin- opiate
    • Can be snorted, smoked or injected.
  • Alcohol- depressant
    • Primarily ingested
  • Methamphetamine- stimulant
    • Ingested, injected, snorted or smoked
  • Cocaine- stimulant
    • Snorted, ingested, injected or even topical
  • Opana/Oxymorphone – opiate
    • Injected, ingested or snorted
  • Lortab (example: Vicodin)- opiate
    • Injected, ingested or snorted
  • Inhalants- there are both depressant and stimulant types
    • Inhaled
  • Ketamine- dissociative anesthetic
    • Injected, ingested or snorted
  • Tranxene- depressant
    • Typically ingested or injected
  • Ambien- depressant 
    • Injected, ingested or snorted
  • Subutex- (opioid antagonist) depressant
    • Injected, ingested or snorted
  • Psilocybin/Psilocybin- hallucinogen
    • Ingested, injected, snorted or smoked
  • Fentanyl- opiate 
    • Injected, Ingested or Topical (Patch)

Palm Bay Area: Rehab Resource Center Treatment Options

In the Palm Bay Area, located in the heart of coastal South Florida, we are here to assist, and to offer to you many options to overcome drug and alcohol dependency with an abundance of specialized treatment resource centers, located throughout the city. Some different and essential types of drug and alcohol rehab and resources at centers these may include: 

  • detoxification facilities
  • inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facilities
  • outpatient drug and alcohol day treatment
  • long term drug and alcohol rehab resource centers
  • short term drug and alcohol resource center programs

In addition, due to the demand linked to fast population increases in Palm Bay, Fl., drug and alcohol treatment resource centers provide special care. For you, and each person’s needs, we will go on the journey together to give you a life free of abuse and addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Resource Centers Specialized Programs

 In Palm Bay, our drug and alcohol treatment resource centers will work hard to create programs with the intention of targeting the specialized needs of each individual. If you are seeking help with recovery in the Palm Bay, Florida community, we look forward to discussing programs that are designed to teach the essential tools required. We aim to provide successful rehabilitation for any person suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. As new challenges arise for our treatment centers, our drug and alcohol resources are constantly being adjusted to fit the needs of the substance abusing community.  Drug and alcohol treatment resource programs undergo constant required upgrades as Palm Bay’s drug and alcohol abuse standards become more diverse. The standard programs we work to make available at addiction treatment resource centers in this area ideally include, but are not limited to: 

  • motivational interviewing
  • behavior modification therapy
  • rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • group rehab therapy
  • cognitive therapy
  • behavior therapy

Palm Bay, FL. Drug Abuse Statistics – You’re Not Alone in Your Struggle

In the state of Florida, which includes the city of Palm Bay, SAMHSA, Center for Behavioral Health Statistics studied reported information on young adults ranging between the ages of 12–17, within the span of 2013–2017, and report a yearly average of 9.3% (or 130,000 teens) who experimented with alcohol consumption for the first time. These numbers are compared against the national average (that is noted at about 9.4%) of youth this age. Development of young adults between 12 and 17 years of age, it is important to consider that they are barely of high school grade levels. 

In fact, between 2014 -2017, the reported average of alcohol use in Florida was at 10.3%. That is higher than the average of the southern area of the United States, which remained lower at 8.7%. 

Palm Bay, Florida: Ranging Ages

Below are some other surprising statistics, in Florida including Palm Bay, which highlights the importance of drug and alcohol treatment resource centers, available throughout Palm Bay, Florida: 

  • Persons aged 12yrs or older in Florida between 2015–2017, reported that 4.2% misused prescription pain relievers other than their intended use within the time frame of only one year.
  • Persons 12yrs and older in Florida, showed a yearly average of heroin use reported between 2014–2017 that the yearly average of heroin use within that past 365 day period in Florida was 0.28%.
  • Adults aged 18–25 residing in Florida, from 2015 to 2017, showed an average of 14.4% had a substance use disorder in the past 12 months.
  • A count performed in March of 2017, revealed that 62,427 people in Florida (this study includes Palm Bay), were receiving aid and assistance due to illicit substance use from drug and alcohol treatment resource. These numbers are especially relevant when discussing the increase of treatment resources utilized at just under 54,000 people during 4 years prior. 

In Florida, individuals reaching out to drug and alcohol treatment resources for substance dependency received treatment for both drug abuse and alcohol use was increased to an alarming 37.3%, where only 12.8% requested the resources for treatment of alcohol abuse alone. 

Palm Bay, Fl.: Suicidal Behavior 9th Drug and Alcohol Abuse

In Palm Bay, Fl., our drug and alcohol treatment resource program hopes to help to identify any underlying or corresponding illnesses, mental and physical, that could lead to alcoholism and drug dependency. In search, health care professionals referred to the findings of studies conducted by SAMHSA, Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, and found that sometimes other mental illness contribute largely to the need for drug and alcohol treatment resources and their expertise. Findings included that adults, aged 18–25 in Florida, with Palm Bay in mind, patients were diagnosed with a serious mental illness in 5.1% of the participants. Additionally, the yearly percentage of addicts diagnosed with serious intentions of committing suicide increased as of 2008. Florida drug and alcohol treatment resources centers for abuse find it important to make the community of Palm Bay, FL aware that the annual number of very real thoughts about suicide was up to 8.1% adding to the overall portion of the country’s suicide rate raising it to 8.5%.

Palm Bay, Florida: Recovery Meetings Near Me 

Organized throughout the community of Palm Bay, Fl., many drug and alcohol treatment resources are available to the public for help. These locations are designed for easy access and administration of treatment. Listed below are the locations of drug and alcohol resources in (or very close to) the city of Palm Bay, Florida, USA.

AA resources in Palm Bay, Florida:

For more information on meetings and support, follow the link below.


NA resources in Palm Bay, Florida:

For more information on meetings and support, click the link found below.


Al-Anon resources in Palm Bay, Florida:

For more information on meetings and support, click the link below.


Nar-Anon resources in Palm Bay, Florida:

For more information on meetings and support, click the link found below.


The Most Commonly Asked Question: How Do I Pay For this?

The request for addiction treatment often raises the financial question among individuals and their families. Specifically, how would a drug or alcohol dependent person, who is in need of treatment, be able to gain the resources to afford to participate in rehabilitation treatment help.

To address the concern, drug and alcohol treatment resources outline a few common

methods to take advantage of in order to begin the journey of rehabilitation wellness in Palm Bay, FL. These treatment resources suggest that one may choose to:

  • private pay
  • private medical insurance
  • sliding fee scale
  • medicaid
  • medicare
  • access to recovery (atr) voucher
  • state welfare or child and family services funds that provide assistance within the Palm Bay, FL. area.

Getting the Right Help in Palm Bay, FL.: How to Choose the Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources that Benefit Each Individual.

Programs are designed to educate people struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, brightening the road to a successful recovery through treatment. Finding the right drug and alcohol resource center is the first step in taking back control of your life. 

If you reside in Palm Bay and you or someone you know is struggling with a drug and alcohol problem, get the help that you need by reaching out to a drug and alcohol treatment center; it is available to you.

Below are some helpful questions to ask when deciding what is the best possible fit for you when looking for drug and alcohol treatment resources near you in Palm Bay, Fl.:

  • Which programs are designed around your specific treatment needs?
  • Is 24-hour care available and necessary? 
  • What are the qualifications of the doctors and staff?
  • What will it take to develop my personal treatment plan?
  • When, where and how often, is therapy conducted?
  • Are there any additional services or resources available to me within the drug and alcohol rehab treatment center?
  • If I have a caretaker, or are currently acting as a caregiver, will there be assistance required or provided regarding forms of discharge and insurance?
  • Will family participation and communication be suggested, mandatory or prohibited?
  • Will I be assigned to a specific outpatient physician and are there any outpatient therapy services available?
  • Will there be access to a patient’s electronic medical records? Will they be provided to the drug and alcohol rehab resource center?
  • Do patients have on-site access to other specialists while participating in drug and alcohol targeted treatment programs in Palm Bay, Fl?

Connection Between Mental Health and Drug Abuse

Mental and behavioral health disorders are considered very common within one’s drug and alcohol treatment. A person battening with an illness such as addiction, might simply identify drug and alcohol abuse as simply the only battle to win against. During treatment, it will be helpful to use other resources to treat cases where someone is also suffering from another mental illness. In order to guarantee the best possible care, psychological health resources prove to be helpful in addition to drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Seeking Help in Palm Bay, Fl. Through Our Drug and Alcohol Resource Center

Persons seeking help in Palm Bay, Florida, for addiction or substance abuse are sure to learn new ways to manage mental health along side of drug and alcohol treatment.

 Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Resource Center, available to Palm Bay, Florida, promises to take exceptional care to treat each individual, with care and respect, to cultivate a successful path to wellbeing. Let’s beat addiction together. To learn more contact us here or you can call us at  (877) 978-3125.