benzodiazepine detox

Addiction and alcoholism can come knocking abruptly for some and takes its time eroding away the walls of life for others. One way or another, the day comes where we wake up with the sun blinding our eyes and there is no denying there is some sort of a problem. It’s blatantly right in our faces and can’t be ignored anymore. Most of us enjoy playing tricks on our own minds unbeknownst to ourselves and rationalize that everything in life is okay. Eventually, the cat is pulled out of the bag and we have to choose between misery or searching for a new option of sorts. Given the choice, it’s recommended to pick the sobriety/recovery side of the road. It’s much happier and joyful- really. It’s also much cleaner- literally.  Anyway- so hypothetically we begin traveling down this long and winding road of sobriety. The idea now is to stay on the road and not let the little speed bumps and interesting paths along the way deter us from our intended direction. That’s all fine and dandy, but the reality is that us addicts and alcoholics have to get the toxins out of our systems before we can act and think clearly. Binging and being dependent on a lot of various drugs and alcohol will shroud your mind of course. Unfortunately with binging and dependency comes withdrawal. Detoxing from benzos is an uncomfortable experience possibly comparable to mild forms of torture. It can be potentially dangerous too. Yet weaning off the chemicals and becoming clean is way more than a possibility, but it’s just going to take dedication and going through quite a bumpy patch of life.

Please Sir- Could I Have Some More?

Ah, Benzodiazepines- also known as The Silent Killers or Happy Death Pills. Okay, actually that was just made up. If people aren’t calling them this by now then it needs to catch on. Some people may know them better by their actual pharmaceutical stage names: Klonopin, Xanax, and Valium. These three little troublemakers will create a pathway to hell or your grave and it’s your decision. How kind and giving right? Benzos are of the pharmaceutical classification entirely and therefore give them the status of being a street drug. They’re unfortunately very easy to obtain because in today’s day of age, everybody has some form of anxiety or depression because of the times we live in. Although benzodiazepines are usually diagnosed for anxiety and depression purposes, they, of course, are also abused because of the numbing properties they deliver.

Benzodiazepines will bring the pain and leave you feeling like a shell of a person. Detoxing from benzos will bring most of the same symptoms as opiates and heroin but actually a little more intensified. Benzos don’t stay in our systems as long as some opiates, so they, in turn, try to exit our bodies in a much quicker fashion. Essentially, the whole body becomes in disarray as our nerve endings begin to feel funky, skin becomes oversensitive to touch, and fluids are coming out of you in every way possible. Just like alcohol, one of the more dangerous aspects when detoxing off benzos is possible heart complications. These can be likely in many different situations of individuals coming off said drugs. Remember, any chemical abuse usage that leads to this is always some sort of a gamble. On the left hand, if taken properly, they are known to work, of course, and do wonders for some people. On the right hand, if abused and taken with the intent to get high, they will numb the mind and body from reality and dig that person in such a deep hole. Detoxing from benzos is part of the game to getting on the other side of a healthy and happy lifestyle once these little suckers have taken slave ownership over their victim. This is a game that only leads to treading on thin ice with our physical and mental health. Play the game too long, and your addiction may win with that hole mentioned before becoming a six-foot deep hole as the first place trophy. Not a game that sounds worth it in my professional opinion.

man detoxing from benzos

As cited beforehand, the physical aspects of detoxing from benzos can absolutely be a debilitating handful. Then there is the frame of mind and emotional state of being we will or have found ourselves in. Irritability and being temperamental are large culprits for the emotion well being of a person going through. Of course, being an ass is never really justifiable- yet it can be slightly more understandable when somebody is being put through it by the grasps of such chemical warfare going underway in their body. It’s not a fun incident in the least- or at least that’s what the broken record player keeps saying. Aside from the shift in hot-headed mood swings, there will be restlessness that will make sleep a struggle. Ironically, sleep will be the thing desired most as all the junk seeps out of one’s pores. Melatonin is usually a viable solution to such a dilemma. Due to lack of sleep and the chemical trance having been lifted, things will appear to be muddled for most as their consciousness kind of rebuilds itself. After living in a cloud of confusion and a separate reality for so long, it’s important to remember when detoxing off benzos that it will take time for any amount of haze to eventually clear up. With the right persistence and want for a better life, it will happen and it will be worth the pain it took making such a leap.

Choose Joy

There are tons of narcotics and different ways for people to numb themselves. There are tons of drugs that are hard to get off of. In all actuality, all of the drugs can be a pain to get off of with an addictive mindset. Drugs and alcohol suck us addicts and alcoholics into a whirlwind of chaos that we haven’t the tools to escape. It gets pretty miserable and the consequences continually build up until Humpty Dumpty takes a big fall and the pieces can’t be put back together again. If you or a loved one is struggling with chemical dependency and are ready for help, please call 1-877-978-3125 or visit We are ready to give you any suggestions possible and set you or your loved one on a path that we can all be proud of.