College: The Breeding Ground for Adderall Addiction

Constantly running around day after day and can never seem to catch up? Been assigned a boatload of homework and have a lot of focusing to do? Generally enjoy doing things quicker and sleeping very little? Well, my oh my, have we got the substance for you. Adderall is a very easily accessible drug that is a much friendlier version of speed than some of its cousins such as cocaine, crack, and methamphetamines. It seems so much less menacing because it comes in a cute little pill form and the pharmacists and doctors gladly hand it over with no questions asked. What’s to worry about if the clinicians and physicians are all saying it’s okay to consume? Cigarettes are safe and legal to consume and those have been proven to be life threatening and debilitating right? The main focus here today is that something so unthreatening can have one of the largest impacts on your life if you let your guard down, and that’s why we’ll be discussing the quickness of Adderall addiction and the random cracks and crevices it crawls from out of.

Looks Weak but Still Packs a Punch

Adderall is a stimulant that is typically prescribed for mild forms of ADD or ADHD- Attention Deficit (Hyperactive) Disorder. This is a case where mentally, the individual has an exceptionally difficult time focusing on the subject or topic at hand and gets distracted very easily. Well, in today’s day of age, it seems that everybody has some form of ADD or distracting disorder or another. Maybe it’s in the food…. Anyway, so what happens time and time again is when a child starts exhibiting these traits at a young age and the parents want him/her to be “normal”- they pop them on the medication. Most of the time, the kid gets introduced to this stimulant at a young age and thus making them dependent and creating Adderall addiction and other forms of addiction at a very premature age. It’s either that or the kid gets old enough to know better and know they don’t want to take it and where there is a supply, there is usually a demand beforehand. The kid then starts giving it to friends here and there who are unfamiliar with the substance, and for somebody not struggling with ADD or ADHD, it is a nice little pick me up that gets you high. Yet at the same time, it gets you high but to a degree that seems reasonable to most. It goes hand and hand with the morals, values, and stigmas we’ve paved the way with over the years. It would be a huge red flag if somebody said they needed to go do a bunch of cocaine and finish their homework. Yet if somebody says the same with prescription Adderall, most people wouldn’t even think twice about it. We’ve been taught to believe it’s not as serious a compound of chemicals as some of these other legal drugs are. Right.

Generally speaking, it seems that most Adderall addiction for college students starts out the same. To reiterate one of the problem starting reasons is the fact that having too much on your plate can be very detrimental. Often times, somebody has so many obligations they are trying to keep up with and accomplish while the stress just keeps building up and overwhelming them, that taking something like Adderall seems like the best solution. There’s just simply not enough time in the day for some people like myself. It will increase productivity while raising dopamine levels and taking away some of that stress that’s been riding your shoulders all day. What’s not to like about that of course? Well, just like any combination of chemicals, there comes a toll with the solution Adderall provides. Of course, the person’s tolerance will continue to rise with the drug if ingested on a regular basis. With the rising tolerance comes physical and mental obsession– and then it’s off to the races as normality becomes a thing of the past. Dependence then picks up the pieces and leaves the person with only the tiniest inkling of what went wrong and why.

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Addiction and alcoholism will find their prevalence in anybody and have no limitations at all. As with most junkies and heavy boozers out there and their drug of choice, Adderall has no boundaries specifically and will take down even the most self-aware people. Most students start taking the pill with prior knowledge of knowing Adderall addiction to be a real thing but still shrugging off the warning and caution signs. Adderall’s ability to help users focus and stay awake for longer than normal makes the concoction of chemicals seem most attractive to students. It helps them face the ever-increasing demands at school and work while attempting to maintain. College students, in particular, make up a significant population of those abusing Adderall as they are often in a different mindset than that of somebody with full blown addiction staying blatantly prevalent. They start getting into the mindset of “I can’t enjoy this without Adderall” or even “I won’t able to pass that test or finish that paper without a little help from Adderall.” The onset mind of alcoholic thinking takes over and catches most off guard. The Adderall abuse then starts slowly getting coupled with other aids that help make the comedown easier or the withdrawals less severe. Unfortunately, your average college student in their 20’s doesn’t realize what an alcoholic is. Most don’t realize that addiction and alcoholism have no bounds and can be genetically displayed in any being, it just matters what you’re doing at the end of the day to wake the monster or to actually keep the beast of addiction at bay.

Addiction- the Greatest Magic Trick

Addiction and alcoholism are cunning, baffling, and powerful. Dependency on any form of chemicals or substances can appear from out of nowhere if one is not mindful of what they are putting into their bodies. Don’t be a victim to the toils and troubles that substance abuse handcuffs you to. You can be a senator’s son from the big city or peasant from a small village, but addiction will snatch you both up. If you or your loved one is in need of detoxification due to substance dependency, please call 1-877-978-3125 or visit Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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