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Why Can’t I End My Heroin Addiction on My Own?

Getting over heroin addiction on your own is not that simple. Many have tried to quit only to fall back into patterns of heroin abuse. This happens because addiction is a disease of the brain that requires professional treatment. Quitting on your own also exposes you to physical and mental

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What It’s Like To Live With An Addiction To Hydrocodone?

I wish I could say that I had the time of my life when I used hydrocodone. I would love to tell you that it made all my problems go away, but it hurt me more than it helped me. At the start of my addiction, it did make things

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Why You Shouldn’t Rely on a Rapid Detox for Your Recovery From Substance Abuse

You may have heard the buzz word rapid detox in regards to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. It has been a buzz word over recent years and typically offers a lightning-fast detoxification process that claims to help you go through a full detox in just one day. However, you

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Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company Before Going to an Addiction Detox Center

Many addicts never seek the treatment they need for their addiction, even when they feel like they want to recover. Inaccessibility of treatment is a huge problem in the United States, where the cheapest inpatient treatment has costs of $10,000 per month. Those costs can soar up to $80,000 if

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Pain Management Plans After Going To An Opiate Detox Program in Florida

If you have found yourself addicted to opiates (or if you are concerned about a loved one who seems to have developed an opiate addiction), you may be familiar with the conventional wisdom surrounding addiction–that users, once they have been through detox, have as their main goal to stay free

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Kentucky Sues Major Drug Distributor Over Opioid Crisis In Their State

“Are you ready to die? Has life gotten to a point where you just want to feel numb all of the time? Hi, I’m McKesson. With a simple prescription of Oxycontin, you too can eliminate all of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.” Sounds like the beginning of a menacing infomercial

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Safe Pain Management Options in Sobriety

Pain sure is a fun topic! Pain always finds us somehow some way. There’s no way to avoid it in its entirety. Sometimes it’s physical pain from waking up in a hurry and having stubbed your toe because you were trying to overcompensate for hitting the snooze button on your

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Types of Depression You May Experience in Early Sobriety

Every human being that is currently living or has ever lived is made up of a different genetic composition than the last. We are all so similar yet unique to every step and breathe. Every being has a journey they’re taken thru as they discover the lessons of their lifetime.

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Why Character Defects Don’t Go Away Just Because You Get Sober

Thinking of everything that has plagued mankind since the beginning can be overwhelming. There’s been measles, mumps, and all sorts of bumps. There’s been cancers, AIDS, and rat-infested plagues. Then there is the camouflage disease. The stealthy sickness. The obsessive madness. This, of course, would be alcoholic thinking and the

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5 Tips to Deal with the Guilt of Your Past

Alcoholism is a disease that will steal your soul- period. There is no debate, there is no cure, nothing but unadulterated misery brought upon by an invisible disease unrecognized prior to the 20th century. That’s the cynical frame of it in a nutshell at least. You see, alcoholic thinking is