5 Things to Know Before You Are Discharged from an Addiction Detox Center

When you enter an addiction detox center your mind should be focused on getting sober and following the steps of the program. You are there to benefit from the training, experience and knowledge of therapists and counselors who have helped others overcome their addictions. But, have you given any thought to what will happen near the end of your stay at the center? You realize you’re going to be discharged soon to start a new life without alcohol or drugs. There are certain things to keep in mind as you work your way toward your last day at the center. Consider five things you should know before you’re discharged from an addiction detox center.

You Will Be Anxious About Leaving

As you work through the steps of your individualized treatment plan, you’ll get to the root of your addiction as well as learn coping techniques to use once you leave the addiction detox center. The goal of going into addiction detox is to give you the skills you need to make a new life for yourself without alcohol or drugs. It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll still be anxious about going out into the world. This a normal reaction that most people have as they move closer to being discharged from the program. You must remember that you have counselors, therapists and peers who are there to support you even after you leave the addiction detox center. You are not alone in your pursuit of a better life. Most importantly, you are well-equipped to handle the challenges and temptations outside the doors of the center.

You’ll Be Given Aftercare Options

Before you’re discharged from the addiction detox center, you’ll be given some options for aftercare. Aftercare is an important part of a client’s recovery. One aftercare option may be to attend outpatient therapy once a week or more. Another option may be to get a scheduled phone call from your counselor to check in with you on your progress. You can take this time to bring up any challenges or victories you’ve experienced. You can also ask your counselor any questions that would aid to your continued success. Some clients opt for a combination of aftercare services. Your counselors can help you determine what’s best for you. Regardless of what option or combination of options you choose, aftercare gives you a support system as you adjust to a life without drugs or alcohol. Putting a plan of aftercare in place before being discharged from the center is just one more way to set you up for success after treatment.

You’ll Make Suitable Living Arrangements

Where you live after you leave the addiction detox center contributes to your continued sobriety. Living with people who are encouraging and supportive is ideal. This may be parents, relatives or a longtime friend. Or, maybe you will live alone with supportive family nearby. Before seeking treatment for an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, you may have lived with people who you drank with or did drugs with. If this is the case, then it would be in your best interest to find new living arrangements for your new life. Naturally, you want to do everything you can to aid your continued success.

You’ll Be Told to Avoid People Who Drink Alcohol or Do Drugs

The therapists and counselors at the addiction detox center will advise you to avoid friends and others who may tempt you to drink alcohol or use drugs. So, if you used to drink and/or do drugs at a particular friend’s home, then counselors are likely to advise you to break ties with that friend. They will also tell you that your true friends will want you to succeed in your new life and not make you feel bad about making changes. It will be easier for you to avoid temptation if you aren’t hanging around people who encouraged your bad habits in the first place. Becoming accustomed to hanging around people who don’t drink alcohol or do drugs is going to help you achieve enduring recovery. These people will help make you stronger as each day goes by adding another victory in your efforts to stay sober.

You’ll Be Met with Temptation

Despite your efforts to make new friends and set up the most suitable living arrangements, you will be tempted to use alcohol and/or drugs. This is where your time and work at the detox center will pay off. After leaving the center, you’ll have the tools you need to fight off temptation. When stressful or challenging situations occur, you’ll have coping mechanisms in place, so you don’t turn to alcohol and/or drugs. Plus, you’ll have access to supportive counselors and others from the center. Working your way through your individualized treatment program means you have more strength and knowledge regarding your personal triggers and the steps you can take to avoid falling back into old, harmful habits. You will be aware of the things that led to your addiction and this knowledge will help you avoid going down that same road.

Some common situations where you may be tempted to use harmful, addictive substances:

  • A work party where alcohol is served.
  • A friend’s party where guests are drinking alcohol and/or doing drugs.
  • Dinner at a restaurant with family members who drink alcohol.
  • A barbecue with friends and family where alcohol is served.

Ready to begin a new life without drugs or alcohol? After you make the decision to get help, it’s best to get into treatment as quickly as possible. This takes away the opportunity to talk yourself out of following through with your decision. Our caring counselors are ready to take your call 24 hours a day. Call us today at 877-978-3125 and let us help you get on the path to a better life.

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