Can I Go to a Prescription Drug Detox and Still Drink Alcohol Afterwards?

Recovering from prescription drug addiction is a major accomplishment because opiates are one of the most difficult- if not the most difficult- addiction to overcome. Recovery is not just about abstaining from using your substance of choice; it is about creating a new life for yourself. After going to prescription drug detox, it is imperative that you actively work a recovery program and avoid all mind-altering, mood-altering substances.

A Drug is a Drug

A common misconception is alcohol is not a drug because it is legal and a social norm. Alcohol is just as much of a drug as prescription painkillers and other illicit drugs because it alters the mind, moods, and motor function. Alcohol makes undesirable behaviors and events more likely to happen (e.g. promiscuity, violence, rape, etc.). If you are recovering from prescription pain pills, you cannot drink alcohol. Alcohol and prescription drugs are both depressants; therefore, if you were addicted to prescription drugs, you are almost definitely addicted to alcohol as well.

The basic rule of thumb is if you are addicted to one drug, you are addicted to all of them. If you have one form of addiction, you are predisposed to other forms of addiction. An example of converting one addiction to another is a gambling addict becoming an alcoholic after he quits gambling cold-turkey. Conversion is not recovery.

Not drinking alcohol in an alcohol-charged culture is viewed as abnormal, which can make you feel stigmatized. You can combat the feelings of being stigmatized by understanding that having an addiction is like having an allergy. People who have peanut allergies cannot eat peanuts because their bodies do not react well to peanuts; therefore, they become sick and can possibly die. Though you may temporarily feel “good” from alcohol, you will become sick in the long run because you will not be able to stop, which will lead to trouble with relationships, obligations, law, and health to the point that you can die.

Healthy Activities that Produce a Natural High

Many treatment centers will take a holistic approach to treating addiction by using experiential therapy methods (e.g. art, music, nature, etc.). One of the reasons experiential therapy is used is to teach you how to have fun and feel good while sober. One of the reasons you may desire to drink alcohol or use other drugs is to have fun and feel euphoric. There are other activities that you can do to produce the same feeling without suffering the same consequences and alcohol and drug use.


Fitness can be fun while increasing your vitality. Some people engage in fitness activities by simply going to the gym, but if the gym is not for you, there are many other fitness activities that you can engage in (e.g. sports, walking, yoga, swimming,dancing, etc.). Almost every fitness activity can be done in with a friend or group of people.

Arts and Crafts

You do not have to be Pablo Picasso or Mary Cassatt to engage in arts and crafts. Even if you do not possess an aptitude towards creating art, you can still have fun doing it. Creating art is healthy for your mind because you are stimulating the right side of your brain, which is not not stimulated enough through other activities. Art provides an outlet to express repressed emotions, and the act of creating it is simply therapeutic.


Academic reading may have killed your motivation to read for pleasure. If you choose a book that is of genuine interest to you, you may find that being a bookworm is amazing. There are so many genres of books that there has to be one that interests you (e.g. fantasy, romance, adventure, self-help, spiritual, historical, scientific, etc.). Reading helps you increase your knowledge and expand your mind by encouraging you to think critically.

Recreational Education

Learning can be fun if you genuinely take an interest in the subject. There are many classes that you can take in your community or online for free or low cost to learn fun skills and subjects (e.g. ceramics, cooking, psychology, etc.). If you are more of a kinesthetic learner, you can visit museums or historical sites.

Movie Nights

Watching movies is a great way to have fun with friends and family. You do not even have to spend money at a movie theater because you can go to Redbox, subscribe to Netflix, or find a free or low cost movie On Demand.


Everybody eats, and food is a major part of social culture. Going out to dinner with friends, cooking for friends, or going to a friend’s house for dinner is an excellent way to socialize and have fun while sober.

Going to a Meeting

Though you may be appalled by the idea of being one of those coffee-drinking people in the rooms of an AA or NA meeting, you may be surprised to find that going to meetings feeds your soul and spirit because you can learn new tools for coping with life and meet people who can empathize with you. The friends that you meet in a recovery meeting will most likely be the best friends that you can have because they cannot drink as well and are living by the same values in recovery as you are.

Through engaging in healthy recreational activities, you will discover that the best highs are earned through just being yourself and the positive choices that you make, not found in a bag or bottle.

Sail Through Detox

Coastal detox is located in Stuart, Florida. We offer safe, comfortable, and effective detox for drugs and alcohol in a beautiful facility. In addition to medicine, we use holistic approaches to treat drug and alcohol withdrawal because they know that recovering from addiction is about the mind, body, and spirit. We accept most major insurance plans. A major benefit is that we are located near the tight-knit recovery community of South Florida, where it will be easy for you to make other friends who are recovery and find fun sober activities. If you or your loved one are interested in Coastal Detox, call us today at 877-978-3125

Real Client Testimonials

  • My loved one went to went to Coastal Detox and did awesome there. Great clinical and BHT department. Staff is wonderful as well as the food. Every client gets one on one attention from staff members. The holistic services are very effective. Highly recommend Coastal Detox.

    Haley O. Avatar
    Haley O.
  • This facility is amazing.I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction.The entire personnel from Judy,the director to Annie,the outreach coordinator will facilitate a smooth intake process.Your recovery journey awaits you with an on-site therapist in sight .All the tools are here for your ample needs.The techs know directly who to refer you to.,especially Tony and Karen. Confidentiality and professionalism are their top priority. Take the step

    Joan C. Avatar
    Joan C.
  • Coastal detox has an amazing staff, they are caring, devoted and caring for their clients. I cannot say enough about there level of care and response to their clients. I highly recommend them to those who need help.

    Donna M. Avatar
    Donna M.
  • The place is super nice with absolutely amazing food. Like 5 star restaurant quality food. The staff and therapist definitely care about every client and want what’s best for them. This isn’t one of the sketchy places in Florida that just has a nice website. It really is a great place.

    nickbruck101 Avatar
  • This is one of the best Detox facilities I have every been too. The doctors and nurses are fantastic and will make you comfortable and treat you individually. The food, rooms and the space itself are all top notch. It is a very safe and comfortable space to get well and all the therapists and staff are so nice, smart and accommodating. I can't say enough good things about Coastal.

    Joshua R. Avatar
    Joshua R.

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