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Christina Tucker

It’s been said that it is nearly impossible to meet anyone that has not been touched by substance abuse and addiction in some way shape or form. My life is no exception. My first experience of putting a loved one through drug and alcohol rehab treatment was many years ago. That time period of my life really opened my eyes to the power and devastation that drug and alcohol addiction can inflict—not only on the addict but the entire family as well. Moreover, it made me realize that while the vast majority of addicts dream of a life free from the chains of drug and alcohol addiction, for far too many it remains just that—a dream.

After hearing countless other stories similar to mine over the years, I ultimately made the decision to walk away from a successful career in the mortgage banking industry to dedicate myself full time to the pursuit of my vision/mission to create a best in class substance abuse treatment facility dedicated to helping people fully realize the dream of lifelong recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Thanks to the tireless help, dedication and passion of our diversified and dedicated team of substance abuse professionals, I am extremely proud to say that this Vision/Mission—for even the most hardened addict—is realized every day at Coastal Detox.

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