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are rehab romances bad

10 Reasons Why Rehab Romances are a Terrible Idea

At the end of the day, nobody wants to be entirely alone in this world. Some people might be more introverted and prefer a state of isolation, but even those people still crave companionship to some degree. It just ties into our primal nature and genetic makeup as human beings. We want help. We want love. We want friendship and compassion. We want somebody to understand. However, in that same breath, we can’t really be there for somebody else if we can’t be there for ourselves. All this loving energy has to come in time throughout recovery, not in a rehab romance conjured overnight.

Most addicts and alcoholics abused substances for years and eventually wound up lying in the gutter. Our pockets are always emptied, we’ve stolen everything we could- not even a crumb left for a mouse, and mentally and physically we are exhausted without the where with all to realize it. When we were using, most relationships weren’t even a serious thing. How could we tend to the company of another if the chemicals always came before anybody or anything? Some of us managed to struggle through and half-ass a relationship or two with a significant other, but they never could amount to much without us seeking to fix ourselves.

Patience Young Grasshopper

Eventually, there comes a day when those of us who are lucky enough to enter a detox facility and become ready to turn our lives around. As far as we’ve been concerned, the world has been on pause while we were adjusting to this new life. There are places to go and people to see. We have so much intimacy to catch up on with all these new exuberating feelings we’re not used to. As the clichés go- slow and steady to win the race. Some things including rehab romances are taboo and personal relations will just need to wait. It would be a terrible idea to do anything rash while these early phases of recovery remain fragile.

Recovery launches us into life with a jump, skip and a hop as we join back in the races. No part of these races, however, is ready for the dating game- including the mingling, fraternizing, and flirting that surrounds the idea. Rehab romances are troublesome because of the distraction from the big picture. It’s more than advised to take baby steps and ease yourself into this new role of being the new you.

sad couple holding broken heart

Trouble Seeking Trouble

Recovery from alcoholic thinking has the power to promise things beyond any addict’s wildest dreams. The 12 steps and all the anonymous programs are a saving grace for millions. However, when entering a rehab of sorts, there are a number of things that can ruin this newfangled path we’ve manifested. Of those things, rehab romances are at the top of that list that can potentially ruin any momentum. A few of the reasons rehab romance is an awful idea in early sobriety are:

  • It can Provide a False Sense of Security
  • So much is Uncertain in Early Sobriety
  • Rehab Romance Distracts from Introspection
  • Unhealthy Thinking on Two Counts is Worse than One
  • Easy for Co-Dependency to Arise
  • Increases the Likelihood of Relapse for Both
  • Love is a Drug that becomes Abused
  • Unstable Emotions in Rehab/Early Recovery
  • Possibilities of an STD (Prone to addicts/alcoholics in early recovery)
  • Our Heads are Usually Not Clear Enough Yet to Determine What’s Irrational/Rational

Let’s take a good look at reality. Once we decide we fancy somebody and begin a bond with this person, whatever the manner, we’re taking a leap of faith in sorts. We never can predict exactly who this person really is until they’ve shown a few of their true colors. In some cases, there may be this Romeo and Juliet scenario where the planets align and the stars shine in their favor, but in most cases, this rehab romance concept becomes our worst nightmare.

Emotional Footsie

Everybody finds themselves in some relationship gone sour at some point in their lives. That’s why there’s dating because every slipper won’t fit Cinderella. 9 times out of 10 with a rehab romance, we don’t really realize how toxic and hurtful these relationships can or will be. In early sobriety, our rationale is still very much skewed whether we like to see it or now. The drugs and alcohol are out of our bodies but our minds take much longer to rejuvenate. Playing with these waters while in treatment can play with our heads even more.

If you think about it, just because the substances are taken away doesn’t mean that all the problems that got us here are fixed. Yes, substances are the root to all the debauchery, but the problems come from within us. This means that the solution comes from within too. It is not until we can learn to be introspective and get to know ourselves that we should even think about focusing on another individual.  

Needs vs. Wants

Many factors play along with trying to understand our newfound emotions and abstaining from a rehab romance. Think about the way we’ve handled ourselves over the course of our using and how we present ourselves now. All it takes is for one nasty relationship to occur and everything can roll downhill fast. Remember nobody wants to be alone but we have to practice setting our boundaries for the future, if not for ourselves then for the sake of others.

Taking a Look in the Mirror

Recovering from chemical dependency takes a lot of personal growth but it will help be able to truly feel again. It takes getting clean and sober before our senses and true happiness come back to us and we can venture into intimate relationships with others. A clean mind and body can open up a world of possibilities. If you or a loved one is struggling with chemical dependency and are ready for help, please call 888-481-1993 or visit We are ready to give you any suggestions possible and set you or your loved one on a path that we can all be proud of.

importance of family support for sobriety

Why Family Support is so Important to Sobriety

Ah the family dynamic, a forced relationship that has been challenged and changed for thousands of years through different ethnicities, trials, and tribulations. This is a type of relationship that stands as a priority above all. Blood is thicker than water- isn’t that how the saying goes? Everybody and their family has a specific dynamic that makes the relationship “special”, and there’s no denying that. Love is what generally encompasses any family relationship whether it is extended or immediate.

However, attached to any batch of love usually are worry, doubt, and/or existential fear. When any family member of any sort watches their loved ones begin to struggle with substance abuse- it knocks the breath out of them. The thought of somebody you care about immensely throwing their lives away hurts to watch. How are we supposed to just sit by while irrational thoughts take over?

Addiction is a sinister bully that will take more than your lunch money and leave you broken. When it comes to helping loved ones- especially that of family, there must be a cautious way to go about it so as to not allow ourselves to get sucked into the gravitational pull of the disease. When it comes to family support, there is a fine line between giving the help needed and enabling for the help wanted.

On the Horizon

One thing to keep in mind as we look into family support with chemical dependency is that this mental disease is a family disease. It is not something that can just be forgotten about or just said no to. This is a mental blockage that must be dealt with for a lifetime once activated. There is a light at the end of the chemical tunnel where addiction doesn’t reign like the evil tyrant it is. To find this light takes time. This means putting in a lot of work on ourselves. Most of us are dealing with other psychological concerns on top of our abuse, so with multiple issues coupled together, they’re not going to disappear overnight. Some of these issues that go hand in hand with alcoholic thinking so well are:

  • Body Dismorphic Issues
  • Cross Addiction
  • Self-Mutilation
  • Gambling
  • Depression/Anxiety

These are just a few to get the ball rolling. It’s safe to say that family support usually has a lot of obstacles to overcome without enabling the situation.

family supporting eachother

Hakuna Matata  

Yes, addiction usually bares some discomforting problems with it, but these are never a death sentence for the person willing to change. Doing introspective work on ourselves and discovering how our gears turn is the basis to it all. It takes years and years to do that kind of work on an individual, and so to have expectations that it’s just smooth sailing if the drugs and alcohol are dropped is asking for a lot. Family support for an addict who’s actively using and family support for an addict family member in recovery are two entirely different things. On one hand, you’ll have a loved one that is like a hurricane of problematic events or the other hand where your loved one is themselves and can be loving and supportive right back. The choice lies within them though.

Being tolerant and providing family support is a big deal and takes a lot of time and patience. As just previously mentioned, your loved one is the product of their own decisions, but having that aid and moral support along the way can make a gigantic difference in how they perceive themselves thru the substance abuse. It’s safe to say that most all addicts and alcoholics didn’t wish to become one and end up being confused how they got to that point.

Family is Foundation

Addiction causes nothing but turmoil in most family dynamics. It’s hard to provide family support to somebody who provides no rational resolution. Addiction is one of the only diseases in existence that will try to convince the person it consumes that it doesn’t exist. Talk about a total brain teaser as your mind plays tricks on you! However, this does not justify the actions of an addict or alcoholic and the where-with-all they have while you try to give them family support.

Deep down inside, most persons dealing with substance abuse are aware of all the negativity in their lives- they’re just in denial about it. Usually, they just do not want to deal with their chemical dependency or they are not sure how to. This is where having family support to intervene or even just point out the truth can be the difference between life and death for some.   

At the end of the day, showing family support to a loved one locked in addiction involves all the trials and tribulations that regular love for your family can carry. Communication is the key to making a difference in any relationship, especially one that involves alcoholic thinking. Alcoholic thinking kind of requires a special type of communication that builds on trust. Sometimes it may be best to remove ourselves from a toxic situation if there is no reasoning with your loved one. It may be difficult, but when showing family support, we cannot allow the selfish deeds of our loved ones take us down as well. There’s a time to abandon the ship, and a time to figuratively walk the plank because of adoration. Family support is finding that middle ground that can hopefully allow everyone to be happy.

Support is Support- Everyone Needs It

Everybody needs support at some point in time or another. Lifelike to toss barrel after barrel of obstacles in our direction and it’s up for us to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge all the hurdles as they come unexpectedly. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 888-481-1993 or visit Our team of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a supportive direction that you can proudly stand behind.

valium detox

What to Expect When Detoxing from Valium

One pill, two pill, red pill, blue pill. No that’s not how the beloved childhood rhyme went, but it doesn’t stray too far from the words that our friend Dr. Seuss might’ve used in today’s over medicated, anxiety-ridden world. If only the world was as simple as nursery rhymes and children’s books. This and the gift of imagination was all it took once upon a time to make us feel better. Then the reality of the world struck as we grew with its heaviness; soon the only literature handed to us would have a prescription attached to it.

Unfortunately, with the best of times and the worst of times- addiction and motivation often become synonymous. Whether through a doctor’s consent or from the dealer on the corner, addiction will make itself known in our efforts to feel better. Dependency naturally follows along and the alcoholic thinking thus consumes us. It’s all just this sick equation of sorts.

Dependency brings withdrawal. Withdrawal brings detox- if you’re lucky that is. Detoxing from valium and benzos of the like is never a fun experience but it comes along with the game. Weaning off the chemicals and finding the light is a difficult time period to go through, but the dedication and going through this bumpy patch is one of the wisest things an alcoholic thinker can do for themselves.

The Torture Begins

Valium comes in a few different colors and a couple different forms- but all contain the same chemical effect. Valium is comparable to any other benzodiazepines that are ready to bring on a black out and make very poor life decisions. These little monsters are unfortunately very easy to obtain in today’s day of age with everybody has some form of anxiety, depression, or a case of being overly sensitive. Either that or we can look to the doctors who so willingly throw prescriptions up in the air like a game of 52 card pick up. However in this game, picking up the cards and reshuffling is equivocated to detoxing from valium.   

Valium will make the user feel like the emptiest of empties. Detoxing from valium will bring most of the same symptoms as opiates and heroin but actually a little more intensified. Okay, a lot more intensified. Detoxing from valium and certain benzos can bring death in extreme cases, so it’s recommended to go through the process in some medical establishment or another while sweating out the discomfort. Essentially the whole body becomes in disarray as the discomfort commences and the symptoms start to thrive like:

  • Sensitive nerve endings
  • Nausea
  • Hot flashes and cold sweats
  • Lack of energy or motivation
  • Feverish body aches
  • Disturbed hunger and dehydration

These are the things we may notice first hand- but keep in mind there’s plenty that we might not notice through the sweaty discomfort of things. This can be due to the possible heart complications and state of shock that detoxing from valium often brings.


Not Worth It

Benzos aren’t all that bad if taken properly. They have been known to control panic attacks and help an array of individuals function in the scummy pungent bubble of life we all float around in. At the same time, if abused and taken with the intent to get high, they will numb the mind and body and throw that person directly under the bus, then reverse the bus and repeat this process until you’re gone. Detoxing from valium is part of the game to getting on the other side of a healthy and happy lifestyle once things become powerless and unmanageable. Once in the thick of it, we forget how beautiful the other side actually can be. Everything we see is shrouded in misery and colorless.

The What

Physically, detoxing from valium is an overwhelming experience that really could be a form of torture. The agony that takes hold upstairs only makes the physicality’s of it much more dreadful. Coupled together and we have the magic ingredients for why many addicts and alcoholics will fear getting clean. Most that have used for this prolonged state are familiar with withdrawals and the discomfort that follows along. Most who have used for this prolonged we state also want nothing to do with that.

Just to reiterate, most are unaware of the frame of mind and emotional state of being that really makes the trek that much more difficult. Irritability and becoming temperamental are large culprits for the emotional wellbeing of a person detoxing from valium. It’s not a fun incident in the least and there are a handful of other uncomfortable experiences some would most likely pick- yet sadly that is not how the game is played. Aside from the shift in hot headed mood swings- there’s a proceeding restlessness that will make sleep a struggle. At the same time- sleep will be one of the things we desire most while feeling zombified.

Due to lack of sleep and the chemical trance being having been lifted, things will appear to be muddled for most as their consciousness kind of rebuilds itself. After living in a cloud of confusion and a separate reality for so long, it’s important to remember when detoxing from valium that it will take time to get through all of this. It will take time, but every bead of sweat and vomit is worth is to make it to a day where waking up and having a cup of coffee is your first concern- not in desperation to search for that next fix.  

Choose Joy

Nobody in their right mind wakes up one day deciding they want to be an addict and find themselves chemically dependent to a substance. In this matter, it’s safe to say we all strive for independence. Regrettably, detoxing from valium and the discomfort that ensues is part of the journey when addiction runs thru your veins. Stand up and don’t allow yourself to become a lifeless victim. If you or a loved one is struggling with chemical dependency and need a detoxification facility, please call 888-481-1993 or visit We are ready to give you any suggestions possible and set you or your loved one on a path that we can all be proud of.